Vampire Lord vs Nurgling 2

Vampire Lord Casim – Nurgling trouble

Casim, ‘The Binder’ – Continuing to be motivated by Malign Portents and with the promise of a game at the local store on Friday, my resin vampire and scenic base jumped the paint queue. This older sculpt is still quite nice, if perhaps a little different in terms of art direction compared to my newer Death miniatures. While a little chunky in places, it does have … Continue reading Vampire Lord Casim – Nurgling trouble

Nurgle vs Death Objective Marker

Death vs. Nurgle objective marker

Feeling generally inspired by Malign Portents, I threw together this thematic objective marker. Specifically, I was thinking about alluding to a brief section of a short story – The Cycle Interrupted – told from the point of view of Horticulous Slimux, servant of Nurgle: ‘He [Horticulous] took a greenclay urn from Mulch’s shell, the one containing his most prized plague flies, and cracked it open with his … Continue reading Death vs. Nurgle objective marker