Path to Glory Book

Path to Glory campaign at our local store

Our local Warhammer store is running a Path to Glory narrative campaign for Malign Portents. Neither of us has played many games lately, but we thought it’d be great to try this out without worrying about needing too many units or much list building. If we keep up with this (we’ll see!), there’re a few rounds to play over the next 10 weeks. Our first … Continue reading Path to Glory campaign at our local store

Barak-Nar Grundstuck Gunhauler Sub-assembly

Grundstock Gunhauler – WIP

Hello! And thanks for taking the time to read my first post on our new combined blog! I thought I would start things off with a work in progress. My Grundstock Gunhauler. I purchased this sky-fleet before Christmas as a “Merry Christmas to me!” type gift. Why? Quite literally because I love the way they look. I’ve wanted them ever since I first saw them … Continue reading Grundstock Gunhauler – WIP

Morghast Archai Pair

Happy New Year – quick 2017 review

Happy New Year!! Last year was pretty crazy for me. The effects of my concussion lasted for longer than expected and it meant, even when I was feeling better, painting or building were low on the list of priorities. Then I got married in November! But I’ve been keeping up with releases, various media and have started painting again with some time off over Christmas. … Continue reading Happy New Year – quick 2017 review