Ironjawz – completed force

Thanks for following along with my orange style Ironjawz project. Thanks too for all the great content from so many blogs and forum threads that I’ve been able to read over the past few weeks – been inspired. Really helped me to commit to painting these at weekends and in some spare evening time so as to actually finish a force. Was never aiming for perfection or a … Continue reading Ironjawz – completed force

Brutes – Ironjawz

  The Ironjawz Brutes have arrived. These are excellent models with some great details and nice recesses/ridges which make them pretty forgiving to paint! I’ve been particularly inspired over the last couple of days to get more painting done. A main reason: subscribing to and watching a considerable amount of Warhammer TV. More specifically, the Age of Sigmar narrative games between Chris Peach and Rob Crouchley have just … Continue reading Brutes – Ironjawz

Gore-gruntas – Ironjawz

Been working on the Gore-gruntas! Except for the bases and a few little things to fix/neaten, I think I’m pretty happy with these. They took longer than expected, partly because I kept finding extra details or small items tucked away on the models. The orange armour was a messier process for these guys than my heroes, as I did them in a batch. To be a bit faster, I basically … Continue reading Gore-gruntas – Ironjawz

Some of my collection

Thought I would start off with some of my favourite models that I’ve worked on/am working on. Not the best painter in the world, but I aim for tabletop eye-catching. Ironjawz: A combination of recently acquired Age of Sigmar (AoS) excitement, plus a bit of extra holiday time, allowed me to paint some Ironjawz more quickly than I usually would. These are my main focus at the moment. In addition … Continue reading Some of my collection