Iyanden Farseer & Autarch – Eldar

Here’s my recently completed Farseer and over-weathered Autarch disaster! I’ve had around 1250 points of partly painted Eldar languishing in a draw for some time, but finally felt like finishing these. One of the main reasons I’d made no progress with them is that, after doing most of the forces’s yellow, I couldn’t bear to mess it up painting all of the spirit stones. I’d tried … Continue reading Iyanden Farseer & Autarch – Eldar

Some of my collection

Thought I would start off with some of my favourite models that I’ve worked on/am working on. Not the best painter in the world, but I aim for tabletop eye-catching. Ironjawz: A combination of recently acquired Age of Sigmar (AoS) excitement, plus a bit of extra holiday time, allowed me to paint some Ironjawz more quickly than I usually would. These are my main focus at the moment. In addition … Continue reading Some of my collection