Mannfred von Carstein Display 1

Mannfred von Carstein, Mortach of Night

‘It is more than natural laws he defies in this place [Nachtsreik], but the rules which govern even the darkest magic … He considers himself an artist in his way.’ – Queen Neferata on Mannfred von Carstein. I’ve essentially finished painting Mannfred, inspired to tackle him first among the Mortachs by virtue of the labyrinthine hunt for this errant, ambitious and cunning ‘servant’ of Nagash which … Continue reading Mannfred von Carstein, Mortach of Night

Mortach Mount Side

Mannfred, Mortach of Night – WIP

I’ve been working on my Mortach’s mount over the last couple of days. I’m pleased with how its turned out, although looking forward to see how this all works combined with a finished Mannfred soon. In addition to him, Neferata, Arkhan and their respective mount features are magnetised to allow me to change the rider easily. I’ve left the beast’s armour panels loose, but they … Continue reading Mannfred, Mortach of Night – WIP

Morghast Archai Pair

Happy New Year – quick 2017 review

Happy New Year!! Last year was pretty crazy for me. The effects of my concussion lasted for longer than expected and it meant, even when I was feeling better, painting or building were low on the list of priorities. Then I got married in November! But I’ve been keeping up with releases, various media and have started painting again with some time off over Christmas. … Continue reading Happy New Year – quick 2017 review

Grand Alliance: Death project

I’m still committed to painting my Ironjawz first – the Warchanter has orange base layers down – but I’ve decided to begin a Death army as well. Always liked the dark theme and style of the Vampire Counts range! Of the options in Age of Sigmar, though, I think Deathrattle (+) suits what I’m looking for and promises to provide an interesting playstyle. My current force comprises: Mortach (magnetised – Arkhan/Mannfred/Neferata) Cairn Wraith Wight King Necromancer … Continue reading Grand Alliance: Death project