Belisarius Cawl Red Side

Belisarius Cawl – WIP

This week I wanted to go further back to one of my most favourite models I’ve not talked about before – Belisarius Cawl. Archmagos Belisarius Cawl has always interested me. Not only was he an incredible model to build and paint, but his character itself is fascinating. He’s over 10,000 years old! What is that even about!? That’s not even the fascinating part, it’s his … Continue reading Belisarius Cawl – WIP

Blood Angels Devastator Missile

Devastator Squad & Astorath the Grim – Wardens Encarmine

Bit of an update on my Blood Angels Successor Chapter, the Wardens Encarmine. First up, the Devastators. I painted these guys some time amidst the fog of last year, but hadn’t managed to take any photos until today. Here they all are, outfitted with iconic weaponry in the form of heavy bolters and missile launchers. The kit comes with some nice options to make the … Continue reading Devastator Squad & Astorath the Grim – Wardens Encarmine

Morghast Archai Pair

Happy New Year – quick 2017 review

Happy New Year!! Last year was pretty crazy for me. The effects of my concussion lasted for longer than expected and it meant, even when I was feeling better, painting or building were low on the list of priorities. Then I got married in November! But I’ve been keeping up with releases, various media and have started painting again with some time off over Christmas. … Continue reading Happy New Year – quick 2017 review

Sanguinary Priest, Ancient & Chaplain – Wardens Encarmine

Here is the Sanguinary Priest and Sanguinary Guard Ancient. I used a few layers of Soulstone Red and chucked in some Lamenter’s Yellow Glaze to try and give the chalice contents an interesting finish. And here is the Chaplain. He’s great as a test model for my Death Company as well, but I really try to avoid painting black – tough to edge highlight (I … Continue reading Sanguinary Priest, Ancient & Chaplain – Wardens Encarmine

8th edition is here – midnight opening in NZ

Back home and excited to have picked up our pre-orders and some additional items for Nachobuddy’s Mechanicum. Nice to get some freebies in the form of the art print, range rulers, battle primer, and extra mission sheet (albeit for Primaris vs. Death Guard), at the midnight launch of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition. Cheers to the local GW! I’ve pre-ordered the digital version of the main … Continue reading 8th edition is here – midnight opening in NZ

Sanguinary Guard – Wardens Encarmine

I’ve almost finished my Sanguinary Guard (and Ancient, by 8th edition standards). Just the banner left to paint – scroll work, the angel, and ‘tear drops’. My plan had been to paint these the more traditional white and gold/bronze. But, given the darker tone of my palette across the rest of my army, and overall lack of white tones, I figured they’d mesh better if … Continue reading Sanguinary Guard – Wardens Encarmine