Sons of Horus – fixing & rebasing

I’ve not had heaps of energy for painting, writing, or gaming over the last month or so. Still, I have done a bit of hobbying that I’ve felt like doing – purchasing and building most of a Deathwatch Watchblade Taskforce (great models, too good a deal to turn down!), painting a Necromancer and Wight King for my forces of Death, generally organising my collection and spare bits, … Continue reading Sons of Horus – fixing & rebasing

Some of my collection

Thought I would start off with some of my favourite models that I’ve worked on/am working on. Not the best painter in the world, but I aim for tabletop eye-catching. Ironjawz: A combination of recently acquired Age of Sigmar (AoS) excitement, plus a bit of extra holiday time, allowed me to paint some Ironjawz more quickly than I usually would. These are my main focus at the moment. In addition … Continue reading Some of my collection