Morghast Archai Pair

Happy New Year – quick 2017 review

Happy New Year!! Last year was pretty crazy for me. The effects of my concussion lasted for longer than expected and it meant, even when I was feeling better, painting or building were low on the list of priorities. Then I got married in November! But I’ve been keeping up with releases, various media and have started painting again with some time off over Christmas. … Continue reading Happy New Year – quick 2017 review

Sanguinary Guard progress & 8th edition thoughts

A triple of general business, a natural lapse in hobby interest, and between editions limbo, has meant I’ve done little painting or playing recently. However, having seen some of the material for the new edition, and with the benefit of a fun demo of the new starter at my local store, I’m keen to get more of my Blood Angels successor chapter painted. I turned … Continue reading Sanguinary Guard progress & 8th edition thoughts

Next project?

Currently thinking about what to paint next. I figured a good way to narrow this down would be to write-think a little about where I’m at with different parts of my Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 collection. Age of Sigmar Death: Some additional reinforcements in the shape of a Necromancer (now that it’s back and repackaged with a round base), 20 Skeletons with Spears, and … Continue reading Next project?