Vampire Lord vs Nurgling 2

Vampire Lord Casim – Nurgling trouble

Casim, ‘The Binder’ – Continuing to be motivated by Malign Portents and with the promise of a game at the local store on Friday, my resin vampire and scenic base jumped the paint queue. This older sculpt is still quite nice, if perhaps a little different in terms of art direction compared to my newer Death miniatures. While a little chunky in places, it does have … Continue reading Vampire Lord Casim – Nurgling trouble

Barak-Nar Grundstuck Gunhauler Sub-assembly

Grundstock Gunhauler – WIP

Hello! And thanks for taking the time to read my first post on our new combined blog! I thought I would start things off with a work in progress. My Grundstock Gunhauler. I purchased this sky-fleet before Christmas as a “Merry Christmas to me!” type gift. Why? Quite literally because I love the way they look. I’ve wanted them ever since I first saw them … Continue reading Grundstock Gunhauler – WIP

Nurgle vs Death Objective Marker

Death vs. Nurgle objective marker

Feeling generally inspired by Malign Portents, I threw together this thematic objective marker. Specifically, I was thinking about alluding to a brief section of a short story – The Cycle Interrupted – told from the point of view of Horticulous Slimux, servant of Nurgle: ‘He [Horticulous] took a greenclay urn from Mulch’s shell, the one containing his most prized plague flies, and cracked it open with his … Continue reading Death vs. Nurgle objective marker

Necromancer & Wight King progress – The Gate Builder’s Host

Finished my first Death characters last week! Initially, I’d gone for an Incubi Darkness base for the main non-armour colour, but felt it didn’t give the models enough impact, so switched over to a richer purple. The Wight King’s sword (the side visible in the photo) could also use a bit more shading. I’ve also been trying to work on a bit of narrative for … Continue reading Necromancer & Wight King progress – The Gate Builder’s Host

Ironjawz – completed force

Thanks for following along with my orange style Ironjawz project. Thanks too for all the great content from so many blogs and forum threads that I’ve been able to read over the past few weeks – been inspired. Really helped me to commit to painting these at weekends and in some spare evening time so as to actually finish a force. Was never aiming for perfection or a … Continue reading Ironjawz – completed force

Brutes – Ironjawz

  The Ironjawz Brutes have arrived. These are excellent models with some great details and nice recesses/ridges which make them pretty forgiving to paint! I’ve been particularly inspired over the last couple of days to get more painting done. A main reason: subscribing to and watching a considerable amount of Warhammer TV. More specifically, the Age of Sigmar narrative games between Chris Peach and Rob Crouchley have just … Continue reading Brutes – Ironjawz