Morghast Archai Pair

Happy New Year – quick 2017 review

Happy New Year!!

Last year was pretty crazy for me. The effects of my concussion lasted for longer than expected and it meant, even when I was feeling better, painting or building were low on the list of priorities.

Then I got married in November!

But I’ve been keeping up with releases, various media and have started painting again with some time off over Christmas.

My 2017 Review

Favourite model painted – Megaboss on Maw-krusha

Favourite single character painted – Thousand Sons Sorcerer

New things in recently – Shadespire, Kharadron Overlords (Nachobuddy)

Existing armies out (lack of time and space) – Eldar & Harlequins, Sons of Horus, Khorne Bloodbound, Seraphon (Nachobuddy)

What I’m looking forward to in 2018 – Malign Portents for Death!

Christmas Painting

Morghast Archai –


These are such great models. They’re a little rough, but I’m trying to paint faster and focus on the larger effect so I’m quite happy with them. I changed the basing scheme from my Necromancer and Wight King, using a simpler set of grey/blue dry brushes and a hint of blue glaze in the flatter recesses rather than trying to build up a swamp. Mortach and Skeletons coming soon.

Shadespire Stormcast Eternals –

Shadespire Stormcast

Shadespire’s a pretty good and engaging tactical game. I’ve enjoyed playing it with Nachobuddy. These were fun and fast to paint. I wanted something fairly muted and simple for the models themselves, but utilised the bases to add a splash of contrasting colour.

Nachobuddy– Kharadron Overlords


Nacho’s wanted these since they first came out, but it was pretty hard to justify the cost – that is, until the Christmas Box with great savings came along.

The Admiral pictured here features a head-swap from the Endrinriggers and Skywardens’ sprue because the original head went missing in the house, and we literally could not find it!

Such a nice model and really like the paint scheme – following Barak-Nar – that she’s given it.

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