Sanguinary Guard progress & 8th edition thoughts

A triple of general business, a natural lapse in hobby interest, and between editions limbo, has meant I’ve done little painting or playing recently.

However, having seen some of the material for the new edition, and with the benefit of a fun demo of the new starter at my local store, I’m keen to get more of my Blood Angels successor chapter painted.

I turned to the Sanguinary Guard next. So far, I’ve just got down a few layers of Runelord Brass followed by Agrax Earthshade, and the first layer of Dawnstone for the areas that will be almost white.

I’ll add that the Sanguinary Guard (and the new Sanguinary Guard Ancient with the Banner) are looking pretty fun in this edition with 2 wounds each, and the ability to fire their Inferno Pistols in close combat!

Overall, I’m quite excited about all of the changes and developments forthcoming in 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000. Although I’ve only played one demo game, I’ve watched and read a lot of content about this edition, and, in summary, this is what I’m most looking forward to:

  • Quick to learn core rules, so great for more casual play at home as well, where it might be a month or so between games
  • Special rules both streamlined and/or contained on the unit pages themselves – again, making it easier for people to play who don’t play very often
  • The strategy looks more situated in the movements, positioning, combat choices and strategems on the table rather than in the list building stage (also glad I don’t have to buy units just to fit into all sorts of formations now)
  • New models look great, although I won’t be getting the starter set due to already having far too many models. I’ll be content with ordering a new Index, getting the main rulebook digitally, and adding Astorath the Grim to my force (for now)

One doubt:

  • No complaints about the lore changes (I’m not super invested in particulars), but I would feel a bit unsure about whether to go full Primaris or buy existing Space Marine chapter kits f I was just starting out – I’d probably only do Primaris and vehicles if I was completely new to the game



2 thoughts on “Sanguinary Guard progress & 8th edition thoughts

  1. hey thanks for sharing. I’ve been out of 40k for years, and with the new edition I am looking to get back in. I’m starting Blood Angels, bought the scouts from Armageddon from a mate, and been gifted some terminators + a captain.

    I really like the look of the new Primaris marines, but not when they are in mixed withe the old marines, So what I was thinking was build a traditonal marine BA army and maybe either a pure Primaris successor or maybe one of the revived chapters old mate Robby reckons he will fill with Primaris.

    Anyway, look forward to seeing these develop!

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    1. Sounds good mate. Yeah, agreed on not feeling the mixing at the moment. I think Primaris would look good mixed with some Blood Angel bits for successors as well though. Look forward to seeing some of your models come together too!

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