Terminator Assault Squad & Rhinos – Wardens Encarmine

The Chief Librarian / Acting Chapter Master of the Wardens Encarmine – Narin Trul – now has a suitable guard of honour in the form of my recently completed Terminators.

As a unit, these are probably my favourite in the Blood Angels range. They feel pretty iconic.

My initial plan for the red had been quite elaborate – almost as many steps as the yellow for the Eldar. But, with it taking so long just to get the first few layers of red down across my more numerous Blood Angels forces, I stripped it back.

Here is my outline for painting the red:

  • Khorne Red & Lahmian Medium x 2 Layers (Vehicles like Rhinos were more like 5 layers for a smoothish finish)
  • Nuln Oil – all over wash / would be good to thin down with Lahmian¬†Medium or tidy up with Khorne Red which I did for the Terminators where it was too shiny
  • Mephiston Red – edge highlight
  • Wild Rider Red – finer edge highlight in key areas

I’ve also finished a pair of Rhinos, but I’m less happy with the outcome. They’re a bit too bright, as I had trouble trying to wash them in the same way without it getting streaky. Then, that required fixing up with extra layers of red. I might try to weather these up, but I’m a bit undecided about how to proceed at this point.

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