Sons of Horus – fixing & rebasing

I’ve not had heaps of energy for painting, writing, or gaming over the last month or so.

Still, I have done a bit of hobbying that I’ve felt like doing – purchasing and building most of a Deathwatch Watchblade Taskforce (great models, too good a deal to turn down!), painting a Necromancer and Wight King for my forces of Death, generally organising my collection and spare bits, and finally, fixing up and starting to re-base my Sons of Horus on 32mm bases.

Being resin and having been neglected since 2015, there were a few bits to glue back together here and there.

I’ve also got 3 more Justaerin, 10 MKIII Tacticals, and 10 Reavers mostly just varnished, but not yet primed.

9 thoughts on “Sons of Horus – fixing & rebasing

  1. I like the colour you have used, I’m looking at starting a Sons of Horus army but I am going to wait for the new rules. I think its good to get ideas from people on how they paint and build their armies.

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