Next project?

Currently thinking about what to paint next. I figured a good way to narrow this down would be to write-think a little about where I’m at with different parts of my Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 collection.

Age of Sigmar


Some additional reinforcements in the shape of a Necromancer (now that it’s back and repackaged with a round base), 20 Skeletons with Spears, and 2 Morghast Archai are built. Nothing yet primed.

I really want to think about what is unique, interesting, and different about Death in the AoS setting before getting into painting / expanding. To that end, I started reading Lord of Undeath by C L Werner (Realmgate Wars, Book 10). I’m around 100 pages in and really enjoying this novel set in the Realm of Shyish so far.

I’m also hoping to hear rumours of new Battletomes!


No plans to expand right now. But, good news: maintained top spot (mostly by virtue of being the first to sign up) at a recently begun Ladder Campaign. Defeated a double Stonehorn 1,000 point list (one, a Frostlord). My Megaboss survived a charge, and helped carry the game with the Brutes, by rolling amazingly (to be fair, my opponent had some shocking rolls for damage as well).

Khorne Bloodbound:

One Bloodreaver is painted in the classic red style. Most of the rest are primed black. Bit apprehensive about painting lots of flesh. I’d also like to do something other than red or metallics, but I don’t know what yet. I’m not a huge fan of Khorne in general, although I do think the models are well done. Anyway, these aren’t a priority at the moment.

Stormcast Eternals:

On the long drive back to town from Milford Sound (absolutely stunning journey and destination) yesterday, Nacho gave me permission to paint and use her Stormcast, mostly because she wants to purely focus on Sylvaneth and to a lesser extent, Seraphon. I don’t know if I’ll get into them that much, but I think I’ll paint up the Stardrake soon as I enjoy working on the large centrepiece models.

Warhammer 40,000

Blood Angels

These are my largest faction and likely what I’ll try to paint next. I’ve been painting them slowly over some time now – laying down lots of thin coats of Khorne Red, Nuln Oil, and Leadbelcher. Nearly all of the models are primed and most of them are done in terms of base layers of armour and silver metal.

Amidst general busyness, lack of interest in playing 40k, and other Internety negativity about the Blood Angels Codex, the state of assault in 7th edition, and so on, I lost impetus to paint these. But I reckon I’m over it – I think I’ll be happy if I just get some units completed!

I played a Kill Team game with Blood Angels last Thursday for the first time in ages and enjoyed it, despite a crushing loss. The mission was ‘Alone in the Dark’. I took Death Company while my opponent had Militarum Tempestus with a Taurox.

Blood Angels Death Company Kill Team

Lessons for me!

  • The Taurox and some of the other Tempestus models have AP3 shooting – Feel No Pain either doesn’t work (Taurox missiles), or I’m really bad at rolling it
  • Would’ve been better to take more models – probably Tacticals & Bikes?
  • Remember that Jump Packs don’t like difficult terrain – I only realised/re-remembered when I started which put me in two minds as to what to do during the game. In hindsight the best option probably would’ve just been to try charging as fast as possible rather than trying to hold objectives and weather the storm of Tempestus fire

Cassius Kill Team:

Built but not yet undercoated. I’ve thought a bit about getting a larger Deathwatch force, but I feel as though I wouldn’t paint them (at least any time soon) – it’d be more about exploring and building them with all the options and parts you can use.

Eldar & Eldar Harlequins:

Nothing new to report. The new Eldar triumvirate is tempting, but I’m just not feeling painting them at the moment and am a bit unsure of what to do theme-wise. Can’t face all of the spirit stones either right now!

Thousand Sons:

Only the one Exalted Sorcerer is finished. My Rubrics and Terminators still haven’t been primed. If I was going to finish this force, I’d probably do the Tzaangor formation – though I’d also need some vehicles as well I think. I’m just not sure that I’m into them enough to justify the purchases.

Summing up:

I guess I’m going to try and reinvigorate my Blood Angels, and work on my narrative for Death. Cheers. Appreciate any thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Next project?

  1. Dude, my head would explode if I had that many projects on the go! 🙂
    I generally run one project at a time, (maybe 2 at a push). That said, I don’t really do armies these days… trouble with armies is that I found myself getting all target-driven in my painting, and I stopped enjoying the process.
    I’d always advise just painting whatever makes you feel good at that moment in time mate 😉

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  2. You may want to check out the #AOS28 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, as well as the recent posts on Ex Profundis. There’s a lot of sweeeeeet Realm of Death stuff coming out of that movement; might give you some creative impetus for that project.

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