Brutes – Ironjawz


The Ironjawz Brutes have arrived. These are excellent models with some great details and nice recesses/ridges which make them pretty forgiving to paint!

I’ve been particularly inspired over the last couple of days to get more painting done. A main reason: subscribing to and watching a considerable amount of Warhammer TV. More specifically, the Age of Sigmar narrative games between Chris Peach and Rob Crouchley have just been amazing. Really appreciate their commitment to painting and theme.

With that in mind, I tackled these as a batch of 10 so that I could turn my Ironjawz into a fully painted force!

Notes on painting the Brutes

I chose to drybrush the main armour panels instead of attempting something closer to edge highlighting, just because I didn’t think I’d have been able to do it for all 10 very well – or quickly. I think the end result looks pretty close to the completed character models though, despite the difference in technique. I also didn’t go up as a far as white with these.

Another difference from my other Ironjawz models was that I used water to dilute my paints rather than Lahmian Medium. Basically, I ran out of the Medium and the store had been closed when I wanted to get into painting. I don’t think the end result suffered too much.

There are still a few things I would want to tidy up as well, just as there still is on some of my other Ironjawz.


Bases were painted with Vallejo Black Lava, Daemonette Hide, Agrax Earthshade, Warpfiend Grey, Valhallan Blizzard, and Etherium Blue.

After applying a good layer of Daemonette Hide, I added a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade, before drybrushing Warpfiend Grey and Etherium Blue. To finish, I carefully applied Valhallan Blizzard to some core areas of the bases. I really like the effect produced by this textured paint.

I might add a few grass tufts here and there to finish off – going to do some test fitting before deciding.


All in all, pretty happy with these. I’ve also based the rest of my Ironjawz – so that marks a completed project for me. The first in ages! In fact, the first fully completed, since I started collecting Warhammer about 10 years ago – as I didn’t fully paint my High Elves, Wolves, or Bretonians.

An additional special mention has to go to the Brutes with Choppas, who, in their first painted outing, managed to completely destroy a Treelord Ancient before it could strike back (decent work by the boys, backed by amazing D3 wound rolls on the Brute Smasha & Gore-choppa).

I’m currently working on getting up full force/completed photos of my freshly based Ironjawz, and thinking about how to name and theme both my Ironjawz & Death forces – thoughts appreciated as there’s so much room for scope in Age of Sigmar!

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