Warchanter – Ironjawz

It was kind of nice to go back to painting a single model after doing my Gore-gruntas as a batch.

Anyway, here is the more or less finished Warchanter (thanks to Nacho’s Warhammer Story for taking the photo, pretty sure it looks better than in person!)

There are maybe a few things to touch up, and then it’s waiting to be based with the rest of my painted Ironjawz so far:

  • Megaboss on Maw-krusha
  • Megaboss
  • Wierdnob
  • Giant
  • 3 Gore-gruntas

On the painting table next (when it stops raining and I can do some spraying):

  • 2 x 5 Brutes

If it’s of interest, this is what I did (with a bit of trial and error) for the glowing bones in thin layers. I tried to focus the brightest layers around the centre of the bones.

  1. Warpstone Glow & Lahmian Medium
  2. Sybarite Green & Lahmian Medium
  3. Gauss Blaster Green & Lahmian Medium
  4. Coelia Greenshade & Lahmian Medium
  5. Drybrush Gauss Blaster Green
  6. Athonian Camoshade & Lahmian Medium
  7. Lamenter’s Yellow
  8. Lahmian Medium

I’d be particularly interested in any suggestions for other methods of producing glowing or ethereal effects, as I’m starting to think about painting the skulls lodged in the Mortach’s mount. So far I’m thinking of something simpler for these like priming white, followed by Nihilakh Oxide, white drybrush, then Coelia Greenshade recesses (I think I found this looking around somewhere). But I’m not sure.

Thanks for reading!

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