Grand Alliance: Death project

I’m still committed to painting my Ironjawz first – the Warchanter has orange base layers down – but I’ve decided to begin a Death army as well. Always liked the dark theme and style of the Vampire Counts range! Of the options in Age of Sigmar, though, I think Deathrattle (+) suits what I’m looking for and promises to provide an interesting playstyle.

My current force comprises:

  • Mortach (magnetised – Arkhan/Mannfred/Neferata)
  • Cairn Wraith
  • Wight King
  • Necromancer (rough kit-bash using a Hexwraith torso & High Elf legs – the plastic Necromancer is sold out in NZ for some reason)
  • 20 Skeleton Warriors (10 spears & 10 swords)
  • 5 Black Knights

Although the specific Deathrattle options are fairly limited, its heroes and the wider range of Death heroes that I can thematically draw on, appear to give some nice synergies and play options. I’m also looking forward to things like unit regeneration abilities and Death Allegiance traits and wound mitigation. Seems fun. I’ll have to see in practice what works!

On the Mortach/construction:

Arkhan/Mannfred (can’t quite decide) is probably my favourite model alongside the Maw-krusha.

Its an excellent kit in terms of being easy to magnetise the riders, mount heads, and snap-fit the different armour plates on/off. I will have to do a little more work to glue/fix Arkhan’s reins after painting him given that I’m not gluing it now. I was a little nervous about putting it together given the unique way it stands, but in the end, all worked well. Also decided against painting in sub-assembly, as I just don’t think I’ll get to it for a while.

Just a few bits and pieces to file/scrape left across the force, I think, before I can greenstuff if required and prime.

What next?

  • Looking at 20 more Skeleton Warriors, but then should I go with Grave Guard or Morghasts next?
  • Will the plastic Necromancer stop being sold out in NZ?
  • Will there be new Battletomes and/or reboxing/releases for Death this year? (I hope so!)

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