Gore-gruntas – Ironjawz

Ironjawz Gore-gruntas

Been working on the Gore-gruntas! Except for the bases and a few little things to fix/neaten, I think I’m pretty happy with these. They took longer than expected, partly because I kept finding extra details or small items tucked away on the models.

The orange armour was a messier process for these guys than my heroes, as I did them in a batch. To be a bit faster, I basically dry-brushed the highlights across the quite nicely raised areas of the armour panels and edges with a bit less control than usual (I felt like I did the heroes by attempting to do more controlled edges in general). Going back over it with Fire Dragon Bright again, and then the final wash/es of Reikland Fleshshade, really helped fix up the roughness.

Still, this process was basically the same one that I’ve used so far, and is not too dissimilar in outcome. I don’t really mind too much if there’s a slight variation across Ironjawz units though, as I feel like it fits the rustic character of the Orruks in general.

List of colours and process for the orange armour is below. What is still a bit trial and error is the number of coats of Trollslayer Orange to get a good finish (depends on surfaces and variations in thickness as I paint I suppose). Otherwise, I still use all of these colours in this order. I distilled these from experimenting with my Megaboss (on foot), which is the darkest of the models as I wasn’t quite sure of the colours I would use when I painted him. I’m not sure how efficient this is, but I didn’t want to change my process too much and risk being unable to repeat what I’d done.

  1. Primed Mechanicus Standard Grey
  2. Trollslayer Orange & Lahmian Medium (beginning approx. 70:30, then progressively a bit more Lahmian): approx. x 5-6 coats for the Gruntas – looking for smooth good colour, but doesn’t need to be perfect as the washes will help
  3. Cassandora Yellow & Lahmian Medium (approx. 70:30): x 2 coats
  4. Reikland Fleshshade & Lahmian Medium (approx. 70:30): x 2 coat
  5. Nuln Oil & Lahmian Medium (approx. 70:30): x 1 darkest panel areas/recesses
  6. Trollslayer Orange: x 2 edge-basically dry brush
  7. Fire Dragon Bright: x 1 edge-basically dry brush
  8. White Scar: x 1 hints of edges
  9. Fire Dragon Bright: x 1 re-touching the edges/cancelling out overly white hints or messy areas
  10. Reikland Fleshshade: x 1-2 re-touching darkest recesses & blending panels in


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